Your Number One Priority: Your Health

A healthy body is the foundation for everything else in your life. Without mobility, energy, and mental clarity, you will have difficulty achieving your other life goals: succeeding in your career or business, going back to school, caring for your family, maintaining friendships, or enjoying sports and hobbies. If your health is poor, you will not be able to travel to faraway places, or play with your grandchildren.

Health-related activities, such as exercising and preparing nutritious meals, are often the first to be omitted when unexpected demands are placed on your time. A deadline has to be met at work, a child is selected for an all-star soccer game, or a close friend experiences a family crisis, and suddenly your daily routine goes out the window. You put off exercising until next week, and replace dinner with a fast food meal.

Good health is achieved day by day, by consciously making healthy choices and developing good health habits. Just as you cannot make up for a week of missed sleep by sleeping late on Saturday, you cannot make up for missed exercise with a monster workout every two weeks. Your body requires regular exercise, rest, and good nutrition. You might not be aware that poor health habits are damaging your health, because you do not see the consequences immediately. When you do become ill, it might be too late to reverse the damage.

Make your health your first priority. Do not sacrifice it in order to achieve your other life goals. No amount of financial success is worth the price of damaged health. Keep your health commitments with the same seriousness as your business or social appointments. 

When you are faced with a situation that threatens to derail good health habits, revisit your priorities and find a solution that supports good health. If you miss your regular walk for a day, return to your routine the next day or replace the walk with an alternative form of exercise. If you do not have time to prepare a meal, choose a lower-calorie fast food salad instead of a hamburger.

Health priorities are a factor in long-term decisions too. Will a new job require you to spend two hours in the car every day, driving to and from work? Are you socializing with people who encourage you to drink too much? Is your work or school environment causing you to feel stressed and anxious? Eventually these circumstances will undermine your health.

See your doctor for regular checkups to identify possible health problems before they become serious.

The human body has remarkable power to heal itself. When you change to a more nutritious diet, or begin a regular exercise routine, positive results begin to appear in just a few days. It is never too late to make health a priority.

If you suffer from poor health as a consequence of your past lifestyle, be patient. Remember that your present health condition developed over a period of years; after you change your health habits, it will take time to get better.

Physical health cannot be separated from spiritual health. Take a few minutes every day to reflect on your purpose and what is truly important to you. Appreciate your body, and remember all your reasons for keeping it healthy. 

Remember that your health is important, not only to you, but to your family members and friends, and those who rely on you. You deserve the best.

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