What are group visits?

Do I have to schedule my appointment when I am leaving?

Why do I have to look up the specialist’s information?

Why do I get multiple calls for results?

Why do I need a physical if I am here every 3 months?

Why do I have to come in every 3 months?

Why can't I see the doctor?

Why do I get 2 reminder calls?

If I am in for a sick visit, do I still have to come back for my regular follow-up in a few days?

Are we currently accepting new Medicaid/Healthease patients?

Can I choose the doctor I am referred to?

Can I schedule my own referral?

Can I do my pap at the same time as my 3 month follow-up?

How long is a typical appointment?

Can my spouse and I be seen at the same time?

Do you take walk-ins?


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