There is No Substitute for Professional Treatment

Created: 30 March 2011 | Written by Dr. Wilson for Citrus County Chronicle

A number of new devices are coming out to remove unwanted hair with varying results. None of these devices have demonstrated results comparable to professionally administered laser hair removal treatments, and the cost ranges from $250.00 up to or over $800.00. The technology used in these devices vary greatly with some utilizing lasers, others light-based sources, or electric currents.

Given laser hair removal's immense popularity and the desire by the majority of consumers to remove unwanted hair from some part of their bodies, a number of consumer companies and laser manufacturers have partnered to produce at-home devices. New devices entering the market include:

No!No! Hair Removal® by Radiancy - removes hair with heat. It utilizes a thermodynamic wire to heat individual hairs and remove them. It’s not recommended to be used on genitals, breasts, or facial skin as tissue damage may occur.

Tria® Laser Hair Removal Device by Tria Beauty® - the first FDA approved laser for use at home. This unit targets the melanin pigment in the hair and triggers the telogen, or resting phase of growth. Per the manufacture results require 6 to 8 months of treatments (one per month) to achieve optimal results.

Silk'n™ Hair Removal by Home Skinovations® - uses intense pulsed light (IPL) energy to damage and remove the follicles by triggering the resting or telogen phase. This unit is primarily meant as a maintenance device for patients who have had professional laser hair removal treatments.

Palomar® & Gillette® (to be announced in the near future).

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