Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Created: 30 March 2011 | Written by Dr. Wilson for Citrus County Chronicle

It’s Time to Get Rid of All Your Unwanted Hair with our Laser Hair Removal Treatment Packages.

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. Laser hair removal is a proven form of epilation based on years of clinical experience, research into properties of laser light, follicle growth & phases, and procedures performed around the world. The science of the procedure is based on proven facts that a laser beam applied to living tissue will have different effects on tissue components (in this case hair) depending on the absorption spectra. What this means in the case of laser hair removal is that hair (with its melanin pigment) can be successfully targeted with the proper wavelength of light energy. Over a decade of experience has shown laser hair removal is the proven solution for long-term, or in some cases, permanent hair reduction.

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