Dr. Carlene Wilson

Dr. Carlene Wilson has a deep commitment to her family and the service of others, values that were shaped early in life in Jamaica where she was raised in a Christian environment. As a Christian, she instinctively engages in activities to help the less fortunate in the community. As far back as she can recall she has always wanted to be a doctor, what better way to satisfy her innate curiosity and desire to help others?

Dr. Wilson has had a successful career in the medical field. At each stage of her career she has managed to distinguish herself as going beyond what is expected of the average physician and has received numerous accolades for her hard work and dedication. The compassion she displays in taking care of her patients is sincere and can be felt by those she works with and those she cares for. Click Here For Her CV
Dr. Wilson is about more than just work, her family is her highest priority. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their two little boys. When the work day is over, she dabbles in the kitchen trying to recreate dishes seen on TV or eaten in a restaurant. One day she hopes to cook with organic vegetables grown in her own backyard. See Credentials

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